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Barle is a customer research consultancy that specialises in the education sector. All our consultants have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the independent schools sector, often coming from a teaching background.

Using our knowledge of education, we help you to really understand your parents, why they joined you, what they do and don’t like, why they left. With this knowledge you develop appropriate strategies and plans to make your school more successful.


Offering expertise in a variety of areas we provide the following services:

- Market Research
- Analysis of parental decisions
- Personal Telephone Interviews

Please click on a heading above for further details. If the service you require is not listed then please contact us for further information.


"The work Barle did, really helped us understand our parents."
Mrs J Easton, Headteacher,
Kingscourt School

Clients include

- Downsend
- Kingscourt